When I was four years old I told my parents I wanted to become an ‘underdiverwaterman’ like Jacques Cousteau (still one of my heroes), hence the odd site name. These days I do less underdiverwatering and more overland-fly-counting-beasties, but the other thing I wanted at age four was to be a zoologist so one out of two isn’t too bad.

Here you will find resources for survey methods, primarily in aerial survey, including software tools, publications and links.¬†You’ll also find articles on methods and GIS, particularly spatial things for the Mac.

This site is a work in progress, intended as a portal for sharing information on wildlife survey methods.

  • Publications: old and new, completed and under development.
  • Tools: software tools for calculation, GIS and writing.
  • Data (under development): GIS and wildlife data for exercises and testing calculations.

See “Articles” for discussions on wildlife survey methods, GIS (particularly in Mac OSX), developing R code for spatial methods and wildlife survey analysis, and anything else that comes to mind. Updated approximately ‘whenever I feel like it’.

The banner image at the top of the page is of roan antelope in Kafue National Park, Zambia. One of the things I’m encouraging in aerial survey methods is the use of photography for all our observations – we are getting some surprisingly good images even through old Cessna plexiglas, and having the cameras mounted on suction cups in the window makes it very easy indeed to get photos.


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