When I was four years old I told my parents I wanted to become an ‘underdiverwaterman’ like Jacques Cousteau (still one of my heroes), hence the odd site name. These days I do less underdiverwatering and more overland-fly-counting-beasties, but the other thing I wanted at age four was to be a zoologist so one out of two isn’t too bad.

Here you will find resources for survey methods, primarily in aerial survey, including software tools, publications and links.¬†You’ll also find articles on methods and GIS, particularly spatial things for the Mac.

In 2019, I have a new research project, the ‘Technology for Wildlife Survey’ (TWS) – we’re looking at using cameras to collect data, machine learning to detect wildlife, and spatial analysis methods to improve the kinds of estimates and maps we produce.

This site is a work in progress, intended as a portal for sharing information on wildlife survey methods.

  • Publications: old and new, completed and under development.
  • Tools: software tools for calculation, GIS and writing.
  • Data (under development): GIS and wildlife data for exercises and testing calculations.

See “Articles” for discussions on wildlife survey methods, GIS (particularly in Mac OSX), developing R code for spatial methods and wildlife survey analysis, and anything else that comes to mind. Updated approximately ‘whenever I feel like it’.

The banner image at the top of the page is of roan antelope in Kafue National Park, Zambia.