Practical field manuals and instructions:

  • Aerial Procedures manual for WCS Flight Programme, v 1.0 for Uganda Wildlife Authority. This includes material for UWA specifically, but most of the procedures and instructions are suitable for any survey programme. Comments and (helpful!) criticism will be appreciated; this is an ongoing project and version 1.5 is planned for later 2014, an update more generally applicable (not only for UWA).

Aerial wildlife survey reports:

  • 2008 WCS survey in Uganda: Lipan, Madi and Kidepo.
  • 2009 WCS survey of the Luangwa ecosystem. This is a stratified aerial sample count showing an example of how to modify survey intensity depending on the density of wildlife.
  • Other Zambian surveys:
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    • [download id=”5″]
    • [download id=”6″]
    • [download id=”3″]
    • [download id=”12″]