Google Maps rendering problem: Tanganyika

This is just an online notebook to track a problem on Google Maps – Lake Tanganyika doesn’t render properly at many of the scales one uses for the lake – see the images below. Will update this page from time to time with info on whether it gets resolved or not (see list below, and the embedded GMaps for the area). (Fixed end Feb 2012)

Rendering flaw area - satellite image showing lake

Satellite image

Rendering flaw area - map image with partial lake

Flawed map rendering

Finding out how to report a problem to Google is really difficult. There are apparently ‘report a problem’ links on areas in Europe and the US, but not for Africa. I used Google Mapmaker to submit a problem yesterday but there’s not really an option to correctly identify the issue (it tends towards asking you if there are ‘hateful comments’ or ‘incorrect business names’ on the map, not ‘really ridiculous base layer rending problems’).

  • 2012 early January: first noticed
  • 2012-01-31 Notified Google via ‘report a problem’.
  • 2012 end February: Fixed!

Current map and satellite image for the area: