Geotagging a folder of images with ExifTool

Sheep and goats from 1200 feet AGL

Cattle, sheep and goats from 1200 feet AGL. Nikon D3100, 35mm lens.

We’re about to start a livestock and wildlife census in the Serengeti ecosystem, and using a point photo count method (APS). This is the first time we’ll have used APS for anything other than wildebeest, and we’re working on managing a different (and much larger) set of data.

Post-flight processing includes geotagging the photos collected based on the tracklog. I’ve used Graphicconverter on the Mac but am trialling ExifTool which will work on Windows as well (though it’s command line).

Update 2016-08-27: see this Github Gist where I’m editing and keeping more notes.


To tag a folder of images, open Terminal on Mac/ Linux and enter:

exiftool -geotag tracklog/trk-2016-08-08-PM.gpx digpix/

… slightly differnt for the DOS (command) window in Windows:

exiftool.<strong>exe</strong> -geotag tracklog/trk-2016-08-08-PM.gpx digpix/


  • exiftool (or exiftool.exe) = the command
  • tracklog/trk-2016-08-08-PM.gpx = tracklog;
  • digpix/ = folder of images.

Geotagged aerial image with bomaResults

Geotagging 1,000 images took about 25 seconds just now. Looks pretty good – Graphicconverter shows the Google satellite image with the photo centre point next to the image, right.

You can see the shape of the old boma (overgrown) and the road. Nice!