Quickly exporting all layouts from QGIS

Once you’ve made a whole bunch of beautiful maps in QGIS, you can click the ‘Export as image’ button (or PDF) and save a version of the map to disk. Doing so for more than a few of these is really tedious – for example, if you’ve had to add or update elements of a …

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Adventures with SD cards in the field

We got some variable results with SD cards in some recent fieldwork – cameras not taking photos as regularly as possible, transfer rates not as advertised – and some research turned up even more disturbing news about SD cards and what to watch out for. SD cards are cheap because they are fundamentally made of …

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Geotagging a folder of images with ExifTool

We’re about to start a livestock and wildlife census in the Serengeti ecosystem, and using a point photo count method (APS). This is the first time we’ll have used APS for anything other than wildebeest, and we’re working on managing a different (and much larger) set of data. Post-flight processing includes geotagging the photos collected based on …

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Customised embedded Google map with KML data

Create a track in Google Earth or QGIS and save it as a KML file. Head to google.com/mymaps … Click on ‘create a new map’. Under the ‘untitled layer’ menu item on the left, click ‘import’ and select your KML file. Change the style of the imported data to suit.

Spatialite-gui for OS X for Spatialite 3.0.1

This is an update to a previous post on spatialite for OS X, with a link to the updated spatialite-gui. GUI tools There are two great tools for viewing and administering SQlite / spatialite databases – one is even a basic GIS package. Spatialite-gui – create and manage sqlite databases with spatialite support, do queries. …

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What gets funded on Kickstarter?

Kickstarter certainly seems interesting; I’ve been browsing their site (and, in doing so, found two excellent little projects that seemed worthwhile and put some cash towards them) and taking some notes on what seems to succeed and what doesn’t. With all the interest in drones and wildlife survey, I was thinking that it might be …

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PowerPoint is evil. Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely

Is Powerpoint evil? Tufte certainly thinks so, and it’s worth paying attention to genius. Edward Tufte Kills a Kitten infographic

Convert decimal degrees to DMS in QGIS

I often need to provide coordinates to light aircraft pilots – and most of them still use degree-minute-second notation (DMS) for charts and GPS. If we can’t upload flight plans and waypoints directly to the GPS I need to provide tables of DMS points – while QGIS can display in DMS in the canvas, it doesn’t …

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QGIS on an Android tablet

Running QGIS on an android phone worked just fine – but running QGIS on an Android tablet is going to be a lot more useful, with a larger screen. I summarised the steps of installing QGIS on a Galaxy Advance (I9070) in a previous post, under Gingerbread (2.3.6); since then, there have been some issues …

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Clean install of QGIS in OSX

This is an update to a previous post of the same name, but with more info on actual reinstallation. QGIS works really well on OSX – but I have had some odd behaviour after trying out dozens of plugins, or messing with Python or Homebrew installations in other parts of the system. The main problem …

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