Building a GPX Spatialite database

Every aerial survey generates dozens of tracklogs and waypoints – and these tracks are a very important part of the data for the survey. We can use tracklog data to confirm ground speed, actual coverage of the survey, off-track measurements and other metadata about the transects flown. I’m playing with storing all the survey data …

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QGIS with R: Working with the SEXTANTE plugin

I’ve tried to get QGIS and R playing together in the past, with only occasional success. The new SEXTANTE plugin for QGIS, which provides links into a number of applications including R, SAGA and GDAL, looks really promising. Getting it working on Mac OSX was a little tricky, as there is a (known) bug in the plugin that …

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Summarising QGIS project layers

With sometimes dozens of layers in a QGIS project, consolidating everything into one directory can be really handy (Plugins | QConsolidate). I’m finding this really useful when sending a project file to another device (like an Android tablet running QGIS) or to a colleague. Multiple layers with varying projections is a big performance killer in QGIS. …

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QGIS on Android phone: Installing

There is a more up-to-date version of this page detailing the installation on an Asus TF300T tablet here. I decided to try out QGIS on my Samsung Galaxy Advance – a little 4-inch screen, but why not? I’d run through the same process on an Asus TF300 tablet previously (much larger screen and more appropriate …

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East Africa’s latest country: 坦桑尼亚

Google Maps seems to have a bit of a labelling issue this morning. Here’s Tanzania: Well, it had to happen eventually. Let’s just hope it’s pronounced the same way. Even better:

Aerial photo examples